Financial planning tools that build stability for today and the future

Scenario analysis

Plan potential future events by considering alternative possible outcomes for each program. 

Dynamically project best, moderate, and worst case scenarios for each program or project.

Easily adjust revenue sources to compare each scenario to projected functional and overall program expenses.

Quickly save and share your scenarios with your Board of Directors.

Robust allocations system

Powerfully built process that helps you assign costs and revenues to each program.

Effortlessly choose between multiple allocation options with simple instructions for each method.

Effectively allocate staff wages, benefits, and taxes based on time spent on each program.

Clearly assign direct, indirect, and fundraising expenses to each program. 

Program Budgeting

Powerful financial planning process that calculates costs, revenues, and performance metrics for each of your programs.

Step-by-step planning guide that helps your program leaders make better decisions throughout the budget process.

Maintain trust by sharing the per-dollar-impact donors are having.

Easily communicate resources your organization devotes to maximize impact.

Goal Setting

Establish short term, long term, and operational goals from your mission statement.

Effectively create concrete objectives that are achievable, measurable and time specific.

Strategically break down the mission of your organization into functions and programs that are necessary to accomplish your goals.

Easily translate your long-term goals to short term milestones that help you realize your mission.

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