Transparent fundraising tools that increase your donations

Robust donor management

Maximize your support and revenue by fostering donor relationships.

Easily aggregate valuable donor data including giving history and demographic information.

Quickly assign potential funders to segments that optimize fundraising campaigns.

Strategically organize and analyze communication strategies that maintain and grow funder relationships.

Output driven campaigns

Dynamically link and manage grant funding to measurable outputs.

Seamlessly integrate your support and revenue budgets to campaigns for each grantor or funder.

Strategically segment your grant campaigns by funder, program, or activity.

Share and communicate campaign success with leadership and board members.

Grant Management

Increase efficiency, improve accuracy, and maximize your financial resources.

Effectively track grant activity by standardizing transactions related to a particular grant.

Equip your program leaders with budget vs. actual reports so they can make better decisions.

Seamlessly generate, share, and save customized reports for each grantor and for internal management.

Social Fundraising

Drive continuous donations by leveraging user friendly campaigns

Easy-to-set-up fundraising pages that make an impact.

Customized content to tell your nonprofit’s story and increase donations.

Powerful social media integration that allows your supporters to share your cause with friends and family.

See for yourself!

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