Transparent fundraising tools that increase your donations

Output driven fundraising pages

Dynamic fundraising pages that link philanthropy to measurable outputs.

Mobile friendly and transparent donation forms

Easy to use donation and donor management tools

Automatic and tax deductible donation receipts.

Transparent dashboard with insightful visualizations

Attract donors with a powerful dashboard displaying your Outputs, Outcomes, and Impact.

Highlight measurable outputs for each of your programs.

Showcase the change or outcome that occurred because of your programs.

Articulate the long-term or indirect effects of your outcomes.

Communication tools to highlight donor impact

Share key updates with your donors by showing exactly how their donations were used to make an impact. 

Notify your donors with real stories of change that are happening.

Maintain trust by sharing the per-dollar-impact donors are having. 

Easily communicate resources your organization devotes to maximize impact.

Peer-to-Peer Fundraising designed to engage your supporters

Drive additional donations by leveraging your top supporters

Easy-to-set-up peer-to-peer pages that make an impact.

Customized content to tell your nonprofit’s story and increase donations.

Powerful social media integration that allows your supporters to share your cause with friends and family.

See for yourself!

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