Analytical tools that help you measure your impact sustainability

Annual Reporting

Essential management reports that help you gauge the financial performance of a program against expectations.

Quickly compare actual expenses of each program against the budget to understand where variances lie.

Easily highlight significant variances for your program leaders so they can analyze and explain the causes of the variances.

Automate your forecasting process by leveraging prior period actuals along with inputs from your program leaders.

Impact Analysis

Actionable insights that measure both your long-term and short-term impact initiatives.

Evaluate changes that occur within the community, organization, society, or environment as a result of program outcomes.

Securely obtain quantitative and qualitative feedback for your programs and activities from affected participants.

Create stunning and personalized impact reports for your funders and supporters.

Financial analysis

Assess the goals of your organization against the financial resources it needs to finance those goals.

Develop organizational insights that help you answer important financial questions using ratio analysis.

Leverage industry financial metrics and benchmarks to encourage performance measurement and peer comparison.

Extract valuable and actionable insight from historical data sets through predictive analytics. 

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